TV ‘Storm Trackers’

Oh please. I’m so sick of The Weather Channel’s and other news outlets ‘storm trackers’. These are the idiots who go stand in the wind and rain to bring ‘depth’ to live reports about hurricanes, etc.

This morning, while watching a live TWC report from Key West, I see this fellow over there, talking about tides, storm surge and rainfall. Fine. But why is he wearing a rain jacket… with the hood up? It wasn’t raining, and I know it’s not cold, so what’s the point? Here’s a link to another report by him. Note that it isn’t raining.

To make it even more ludicrous, while talking about the rainfall, with his storm jacket zipped all the way up, a couple strolls through the background – wearing shorts and t-shirts – with their Labrador Retriever frollicking in the surf. Busted!

All we needed was for him to be hanging onto a light pole to help him stand up in the ‘wind’.



Author: David Merrick, II

I'm a geek that works in academia and emergency management. A little more detail is available at:

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