Another Firefighting Aircraft Encounters a UAS

A Reno, Nevada helo operating over the Hawken Fire had a near miss with a DJI Phantom.

The article is not overly sensational, and illustrates the real dangers aircraft flying low level on or near an incident face. There is no mention of the airspace classification near the incident, nor if there was a TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction) in place at t
he time.


Drone and Wildfires

UAS are another remote sensing tool in modern wildland firefighting.

CIA “Live Tweets” the Bin Laden Raid

With only a slight five year time lag, the CIA live tweeted the Bin Laden raid… and I don’t really understand why.

Here’s the article from Emergency Management Magazine.

Or you can go to Twitter and search #UBLRaid to see the content (and some hilarious responses).